pHformula: Soon to be Available in Norway!

We are very excited to announce that pHformula will soon arrive in Norway!

Our professional team, headed by Fernando Bouffard (PhD) brings over 20 years of experience and success to the pHformula brand, offering medical spas and advanced skin care centers in Norway the future of professional aesthetic treatments. With pHformula´s unique PH-DVC™ skin resurfacing system we have already transformed the professional approach to traditional skin peelings in more than 23 countries.

Progress in medical science and research has made great strides in our ability to treat the skin and generate non-surgical results. The consumer is seeking effective, non-invasive alternatives to surgical procedures and the future lies in applying effective non-invasive treatments. We are providing our aesthetic partners with the most advanced and effective non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments and methods based on our knowledge of regenerative medicine. A three-stage process—pre-treatment, professional application, and home-treatment—provides maximum results in a minimal time frame. Active cell regeneration to combat skin disorders like ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne, and chronic redness.

Norway is one of many new countries to be welcoming pHformula into their world of aesthetic medical treatments this year!

Where is pHformula available? Follow our blog as we continue to build partnerships with trusted distributors worldwide!